About Us

We are the expert distribution and agency link between our exclusive HVAC manufacturers and those needing equipment selection sales assistance and services support, specifically – ACR Contractors, M&E Contractors, Facilities Maintenance Contractors, M&E Maintenance Contractors, End Users & M&E Consultants.

DPAC are known for high levels of customer service and after-sales support.

Whatever your type of project it will be delivered on time, on specification and as selected.

Energy efficiency is the prime driver and we like to work with businesses who want to select the most energy efficient HVAC applications with value added.

We assist clients by selecting the most effective equipment for their individual applications by looking after their business interests and their energy needs.


If you have a problem, then we like to help you to solve it and that means always looking at the best options and alternatives, which is why we have such a diverse range to suit virtually all applications.


DPAC UK Ltd was established in 2002 and is recognised as a major UK distribution agent of water chillers and industrial commercial applied cooling – heating equipment.

We are always introducing ‘niche’ products and systems to meet the increasingly stringent environmental requirements for buildings and plants with cost effective solutions, specially adapted equipment for bespoke projects and of course coupled with unrivalled product knowledge.

‘Niche’ products have a specialised appeal in a somewhat specialised market reluctant or slow to change.

Get out of your comfort zone, even if it’s for a minute. Test the waters you’ve never dipped your toe in before, brave the winds of change, be brave. When you sit on the bus of same, life becomes predictable, it becomes normal, it becomes, dare we say it, safe. When you brave the new you feel alive, you have passion and drive.