Why should I consider using DPAC?

It’s in the name ‘Dynamic Packaged Applied Cooling. We pride ourselves on Dynamic ‘niche’ HVAC systems and use our expertise to apply these energy efficient systems to your project. You can rest assured the products within our portfolio are selected based on our experience!

How long has DPAC been established?

We have been supporting and representing several major overseas HVAC manufacturers for 15 years since incorporation in 2002. Our two main Directors have a combined experience in the HVAC field of over 60 years.

 Are your HVAC systems competitively priced?

We are firm believers that you pay for what you get with regards to equipment, service and support. Having said that we strive to always ensure the client has our best proposals and that our price reflects the product and service provided. Our chillers are some of the most competitive on the market but we are much more than chiller suppliers. Our client’s feedback is that they are always satisfied with the capital cost and of course happy with the running and payback cost of energy for the equipment we select for their project!

What are your delivery times?

This varies from supplier to supplier however generally bespoke equipment is 4 – 6 weeks from order. Some systems we hold ex stock so why not call us to see if we can assist your project time?

Do you have any reference sites I can visit?

Of course we have many sites around the country with our equipment installed. Each site would be unique based on the equipment installed. For instance some have been designed for noise level criteria, footprint, environmentally friendly refrigerants and waste from heat sites. Please contact us should you wish to be reassured of our projects.

You may also talk with the end users to see their views on the equipment provided!

What is the lead-time on future spare part requirements?

For all our systems we supply we hold A1 spares in the UK. For older systems not supplied by us generally we DHL them form the manufacturers within 3-4 days if required. Airfreight is optional if priority breakdowns occur.

Are your Chillers energy efficient?

Our entire Niche product portfolio is based around energy efficiency. By ‘Niche’ we do not simply mean products that no one else promotes (although in some ranges this is the case). All of the equipment we promote is based around energy efficiency and natural refrigerants both being our prime driver for sales. We would not add a manufacturer to our portfolio if energy efficiency and environmental considerations were not a philosophy of theirs.

Why should I choose your Chillers, Absorption & Propane ranges etc over others?

Our HVAC partners are selectively chosen based on their experience, niche product portfolio, capabilities and ability to resolve problems quickly. DPAC have and always will align our business to work with manufacturers that only share these values, to ensure client confidence in making the right choice in working with us.

We can match our main competitor’s price and specification chiller for chiller in most cases but more than that we want to offer proposals with our niche systems that others simply would not. Based around environmentally friendly thinking and energy efficiency. All the suppliers in each of our products category are market leaders and future thinking manufactures.

DPAC strive to offer a personal up close friendly level of service to our clients to ensure they return to talk about the next project in the pipeline!

Who else buys/has bought your equipment?

We have and do work in partnership with Blue chip clients and also main Contractors, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning contractors around the UK. When we say work in partnership we mean in partnership. Each site and project is bespoke and individually tailored to specification and our partners ability to perform the project.

What’s the advantages of your equipment vs others.

Our equipment advantages are numerous from having the most advance and wide ranging energy efficient chiller and heat pump ranges to offering products that are not mainstream such as Solar Cooling, Air Conditioning Ice Thermal Storage, Micro Channel Dry Coolers & Coils, Adsorption & Absorption Chillers. As a supplier of not one brand or range we are able to combine our energy efficient niche products to meet the demands of energy efficiency on site in one bespoke packaged scheme.

Are your engineers fully certified?

Our Engineers are fully conversant with the very latest in health & safety requirements. Our engineers are accredited to the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS). All our Engineers are trained to the very highest standards and are F Gas qualified and hold REFCOM registration (REF01008852)

What are your warranty conditions?

This varies from supplier to supplier however generally DPAC warrants that the equipment offered in our quotations will be free from defects for a period of 12 months from the date of start-up, or within 18 months from the date of dispatch from manufacturing facility/factory, whichever is the sooner. In some instances we extend this warranty up-to 7 years!

What after Sales support do you offer?

The HVAC industry is becoming much more service sensitive, and we know that any shortcomings from manufacturers or distributors could affect the credibility of our customers.

We offer a host of after sales services as you can see from our services section simply click the link below.