Time is fast running out for commercial building owners to avoid the risk of breaking the law. From the 1st April 2018 it will be unlawful to grant new leases to tenants for properties in England & Wales that do not meet the governments Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

The aim of MEES is to raise energy efficiency standards in buildings across the UK by inspiring building owners and managers to undertake building upgrades to achieve better EPC ratings. The ultimate goal is to move the commercial property sector in stages to a minimum of Band C by 2030.

Governments own figures suggest that 40% of all primary energy is for supplying buildings which mostly consumed by heating, hot water production, cooling and lighting.

Around 18% of the UK’s commercial stock falls into the F and G Bands for EPC ratings. This puts around 200,000 commercially rentable buildings into the remit of the new MEES rules. A further 17% of commercial buildings have an E rated EPC, putting them in danger of dropping quickly into an un-rentable category in the future.

How can we assist the EPC rating?

Everyone knows that when Boilers and Chillers operate at the same time this is a waste of energy & good money! What’s the big deal? After all we take the Hot and Chilled Water systems for granted, don’t we?

Heat pump technology is a well-established alternative to the traditional cooling & heating systems. As the deadline comes closer decision makers will need to review their present heating and cooling systems and choose on alternative upgrades and replacements!

Old out dated plant can use up to 50% more energy than new technologies available so changing and upgrading plant can considerably make a transformation when aiming to achieve your improved EPC rating.

If you are serious about working on an improved EPC rating we can discuss our niche heating and cooling technologies with you. Hybrid technology heat pumps contribute a real cost effective difference than sub standard existing old plant!

The benefits of hybrid systems are not exclusive only to the energy savings in the commercial market but also reduce capital equipment costs and premium space within the plant room for the end user, thus saving space, energy and cash!

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DPAC – Dynamic Packaged Applied Cooling www.dpac.co.uk specialise in assisting Consultants, Contractors, Occupiers and other specifier’s with the design and selection of Specialist Cooling equipment and are specialist suppliers of Absorption Chillers, and Hydrocarbon/Propane/R290 units with capacities of up to 1,000Kw into the UK and Europe.

Established over 20 years ago, they have an enviable reputation for the selection of a range of specialist A/C and Cooling equipment. The web site explains more in greater detail www.dpac.co.uk

This article is written by Simon Lamberton-Pine of DPAC UK Ltd

DPAC UK operate nationally through their network of agents and specifier’s,.

Why not get in touch to see if our technology can fit into your scheme. Or call us free on 0800 193 6288 to discuss your application.