full control of your Chiller anytime!

Reduce maintenance trips, improve customer service and get full control of your Chiller at any time from anyplace!

Have you ever had a client that needed emergency or occasional remote access to their system?

Here at DPAC we find it incredible that our clients don’t demand remote web monitoring as standard and our competitors don’t offer it as a standard in most applications. The products we supply are high value and in most situations installed in critical areas controlling some sensitive environments.

We are changing the status quo and offer a web integration option on all our quoted systems.

With our remote access our clients:-

  • Immediately interact with the chiller
  • Reduce maintenance times and costs
  • Gain real-time monitoring of the main operating variables
  • Simplify data analysis
  • Gain Easy access to the operating history
  • Turn on / off the unit
  • Change seasonality (summer / winter)
  • Change the set points
  • Display components and active functions
  • View the main operating variables of the unit in real time
  • Display the I / O (Digital and / or Analog Inputs / Outputs) of the controller
  • Display active alarms
  • Reset non-serious alarms
  • View charts of the unit’s operating history with a one-day time horizon
  • Download the data
  • Access the PLC control panel of the unit

Why send a service engineer to attend site before you really know what’s going on?

DPAC UK operate nationally through their network of agents and specifier’s,.

Why not get in touch to see if our technology can fit into your scheme.