Hybrid chiller how’s that?

Everyone knows that when Boilers and Chillers operate at the same time this is a waste of energy & good money! What’s the big deal? After all we take the Hot and Chilled Water systems for granted, don’t we?

Chiller and Heat Pumps also known, as Hybrid systems are used in buildings that have a cooling AND a heating requirement at the same time throughout the year.

Because of the way these systems are designed and built, it allows buildings to operate without the need for additional boilers. These systems are capable of simultaneously providing constant chilled water for air-conditioned areas and constant low temperature hot water up to 55 C for heating circuits and also a proportional amount of sanitary hot water free!

Unique aspects of these systems are that they can still provide heat when there is no cooling requirement and can still provide cooling when there is no heat requirement?

So what else can a hybrid chiller heat pump do you may ask?

There are 6-tube multipurpose cooling and heating systems exclusively manufactured under patent that are able to satisfy the demand of simultaneous water heating and cooling on two separate circuits, with a partial recovery of energy throughout the year by the use of a de- super heater for sanitary hot water on a 3rd circuit! The additional 3rd circuit hot water can also be used for a separate individual heating requirement within the building. Heat absorbed by the cooling circuit is removed back to the hot water circuit saving energy.

The benefits of hybrid systems are not exclusive only to the energy savings in the commercial market but also reduce capital equipment costs and premium space within the plant room for the end user, thus saving space, energy and cash! There are plenty of suitable applications such as leisure centres, hospitals and hotels in addition to offices that have a dual heating and cooling demand at the same time and want to offer sanitary hot water all from one system.

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This article is written by Simon Lamberton-Pine of DPAC UK Ltd

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DPAC UK operate nationally through their network of agents and specifier’s,.

Why not get in touch to see if our technology can fit into your scheme.