Ice Cold Air Conditioning?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could save energy and improve reliability in your Packaged Air Conditioning System?

Picture this! – It’s a roasting hot day outside and your Air Conditioning System is running flat out. As you can probably imagine, keeping not only the building occupants cool and your computer systems running is an on-going battle in terms of comfort, reliability and energy efficiency.

Let’s take you back to your holidays. You are sitting on a terrace with a cold drink with Ice. The Ice takes some time to melt but it keeps the drink cool as long as possible. Why mention that I see you thinking?

Now transpose the same scenario into a Packaged Air Conditioning System. However how can you use Ice in your Packaged Air Conditioning I hear you ask?

Enter Ice Bear from Ice Energy in USA.

How about this! Although the concept and use of ICE for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration storage is not new, the Ice Bear system takes advantage of low cost off-peak electricity – usually at night to build-ice in bulk, then stores it and (the next day when it’s needed during peak hours) it turns off energy-intensive AC compressors and uses the stored ice instead to assist the refrigeration cycle for up to 6 hours and simply connects to and fully controls the buildings new or retrofit Packaged Air Conditioning System.

Using one of the simplest and most basic ways of creating very cold storage is the use of – ICE! All in one neat and packaged unit.

Rather than us explaining how great the system is and how it can benefit our UK and European customers, you should read more by clicking on this link

The manufacturers description, overview and video is far better at describing what and how the system works, the applications and of course how easy it can be installed. Ice Bear is easy to install and seamlessly integrates into a building cooling system.

For commercial and industrial buildings, Ice Bear is available in one or more 12-40 Kw commercial AC units and can be installed on rooftops or on the ground. They can be connected together to provide the bulk of the primary cooling system. The Ice Bear systems offer savings of 95% less energy use during daytime running hours.

ICE Bear units have been installed in over a thousand locations worldwide and we are delighted to be able to offer this as the  distributor agent in the UK to both our UK and European clients.

DPAC – Dynamic Packaged Applied Cooling are acting as distribution agents in the UK and Europe and Energy savings of up to 40% are commonplace.

This article is written by Simon Lamberton-Pine of DPAC UK Ltd

DPAC UK operate nationally through their network of agents and specifier’s, technicians and clients include every well-known and established FM and Main HVAC/M&E Contractors, as well as direct for Building occupiers and Managing Agents.

This article is written by Simon Lamberton-Pine of DPAC UK Ltd

DPAC UK operate nationally through their network of agents and specifier’s,.

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