Belfast International Airport

FTP450 Air Handling Unit installed to replace the old system serving the baggage collection area for Domestic flights. The AHU is capable of 7 m3/sec, 7.9m in length with fitted sound attenuators at the client’s request. The AHU was designed in house by using our selection software from a mechanical specification provided by the client.

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Bytemobile (1)

Byte Mobile UK

In association with our engineering partners we have supplied and installed for Byte mobile the American telecommunication company a free cooling chiller to provide cooling to the RAK cooling systems in the new server room. Byte mobile’s office in Northern Ireland Science Park is located in the Titanic Quarter in Belfast. The chiller provides 80Kw of cooling to the 4no. RAK coolers. As the equipment is used 24/7 the client was looking for energy savings and DPAC UK suggested a free cooling chiller. This model can provide 50Kw of Free Cooling at 3 Deg C ambient temperature. When ambient conditions fall below 3 Deg C, the cooling duty increases accordingly. Therefore with the climate conditions in Northern Ireland this can provide up to 50% energy savings over the period of 1 year.

Newcastle Theatre

The Theatre Royal is one of only nine Grade 1 Listed theatres in England and is regarded by many as the UK’s finest theatre building. We supplied a 160kW air-cooled chiller into this beautiful building and of course fitted sound attenuators at the consultant’s request!

Residential Land

Residential Land Central London W1

This was one of the biggest challenges of the year simply due to space restrictions. This was a design and rebuild project. Both systems provide a total cooling of 334kW to the prestigious Grosvenor Street offices of Residential Land. Two CWC condenser-less chillers were manufactured and laboratory tested before we commenced our de build. Each compressor and frame were professionally lifted down into the sites plant room and then both systems were rebuilt, vacuumed tested, charged and commissioned. Bespoke remote electrical panels with special interconnecting control cables were supplied. The consultant and our design team were very please with the end result as were we all.

South Coast Air Cooled Chiller BH7

A factory first 2018 ERP compliant Air Cooled Chiller. Installed by our clients in the south coast this 342kW 2 circuit air cooled chiller was fitted with EC fans and Micro Channel coils and selected with coated fins for a coastal environment. Both the engineering company and the end user were satisfied with the production, delivery and commissioning services that all went well and landed the end user with a 2 year warranty! EER up to 3,18 SEER up to a 4,17, PREMIUM efficiency according to Eurovent, units in class A and B at partial and total loads, ERP COMPLIANT – Compliance to the minimum requirements imposed in Tier 1 LOT 21, Micro-channel coils with reduced refrigerant charge up to 63%, Extremely compact footprint, Condensation control for operation at low outdoor temperatures down to -10 ° C


Medius House Soho Central London

Two 500kW bespoke water cooled chillers supplied to central London. The chillers were designed to meet stringent noise criteria in association with Westminster City Councils planning application. The chillers were fitted with sound attenuation and bespoke control panels. The chillers supply the cooling demand for the whole prestigious building sited within a prefabricated plant room. Road closure for lifting into position took place on a chilly London morning.

Kings Cross University London

Four  168kW bespoke water cooled chiller heat pumps supplied to central London. The heat pumps were fitted with sound attenuation and bespoke GEO design. The chillers supply the cooling and heating demand for the whole prestigious building sited within a basement plant room. Finished on a warm bank holiday ready for start up.