Who is DPAC? What we do and our vision for the future…

This blog is all about DPAC, our manufacturers and our client network. While you should be able to find most of what we say here by browsing our website, we think it is useful to provide an overview of the main points about who we are and what we do in this blog.

In a nutshell, DPAC (Dynamic Packaged Applied Cooling) provides a niche service connecting global HVAC equipment manufacturers with end users, designers, consultants, and other stakeholders. We bring to the table our extensive experience of working in this field and have an ongoing network of high-quality agents, partners and engineering teams allowing us to provide a truly personal service which we consider unique in the industry.

In this blog, we describe our approach to our relationships with our existing supplier network so please read on to discover more about us.

Our history

We incorporated DPAC in 2002 as De’Longhi Packaged Air Conditioning (DPAC), 17 years ago in association with the De’Longhi Group and Climaveneta now part of Mitsubishi Electric. We were involved in HVAC before this however; two of our directors have over 60 years combined experience in the field.  Since the name change of DPAC in 2012, we have chosen future HVAC partners who share our vision and have the necessary experience, capability, niche product portfolio, high class product range with the ability to resolve problems quickly.

We believe that by doing so this provides our clients with confidence that by choosing us they are making the optimum decision.

Why our customers chose DPAC

Our clients include Blue Chip businesses, main Contractors, HVAC contractors along with our own agent and distribution network around the UK. We are simply more than just a supplier!

Some additional reasons why they decide to work with DPAC rather than our competitors include:

  • Better solutions – we believe that we provide more optimum solutions. Our proposals usually include niche, customer-tailored systems that others would not offer with a single portfolio.
  • Quality and price – while we are advocates of the “you pay for what you get” approach to equipment, service, and support, we strive to provide clients with the best possible price for quality products.
  • As the saying goes we no longer put “all our eggs in one basket” and as a result we can generally source the correct system tailored to suit the project from low temperature refrigeration systems to industrial, commercial cooling and heating  systems.
  • Energy efficient systems – energy efficiency and natural refrigerants underpin our niche product portfolio. All our equipment manufacturing partners share our approach to energy efficiency and the environment. We would not consider any manufacturer that doesn’t!
  • Transparent delivery times which are typically 4 to 6 weeks from order and faster for ex-stock items.

Our manufacturing partners

We select our HVAC partners with care, taking account of their experience, niche product portfolio, depth of their core range, capabilities and their strength in resolving problems quickly. We strive to ensure a synergistic relationship with our partners, and we work exclusively with manufacturers who share our values and vision.

Their commitment and complete dedication to the UK HVAC market must also be paramount.

While price is important, and we always offer competitive pricing, our mission is to provide niche solutions that go beyond those offered by our competitors, particularly regarding environmentally friendly thinking and energy efficiency. All the suppliers in each of our product categories are market leaders, and future thinking manufactures. Thus, we can offer numerous equipment advantages including the most advanced and wide-ranging energy efficient chiller and heat pump ranges and non-mainstream products such as solar cooling, air conditioning ice thermal storage, micro-channel dry coolers, adsorption and absorption chillers. Suppliers choose DPAC for the experience of establishing their brand in the UK from sales to marketing , technical services support and client liaisons. As a supplier of equipment from multiple manufacturers, we can combine our energy efficient niche products to provide complete bespoke project solutions that meet on-site energy efficiency demands.

Our future vision

The world is changing in many ways. The importance of the environment is becoming increasingly apparent, and energy efficiency is now, for many, a top priority. The demand for HVAC is accelerating due to various factors including climate change and global warming and without new energy efficient solutions, this rising demand will itself adversely affect the environment.

DPAC UK have long established close partnership relationships with various mechanical trades to help overcome the difficulties that can arise on site to produce a fully managed turn-key operation. A stand out feature of DPAC is the comprehensive turn-key element of our work.

DPAC is dedicated to providing niche, sustainable, energy efficient HVAC solutions that will counter this effect. Our existing supplier network share our vision and approach.